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Lapis & Smokey Quartz Crystal
Wire Wrapping is an art form where wire is used to create art objects, usually jewelry, thereby creating "Wearable Art." Almost any type object can be created from wire ~ rings, pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings, eye brow pins, necklaces and so on. It is up to the whim and creative ability of the "Artist".

Normally precious metal wire, such as Sterling Silver, Gold filled or, in the case precious gemstones, 14 KT Solid Gold wire is used in the creation of Jewelry. The wire may be square, round, half-round or practically any other shape that can be formed to length. Wire sizes used vary from 10 Gauge to 24 Gauge. Which Gauge one uses is dependent on the artist's desires and ability and the requirements of the project, i.e. Rugged, Petite and so on.

Almost anything may be wrapped. The "Wired Artist" uses many minerals and materials available to the rock hound and mined in Nevada and the Great Basin region of the United States. The "Wired Artist" acquires his materials, performs the lapidary work and does the final Wire Art work needed to render a unique piece of "Wire Art."

Natural Crystals and many other semi-precious gemstone materials are available in the Great Basin area. In addition many other exotic materials are obtained through trading with mineral dealers. Many of the materials used are said to have metaphysical properties for the wearer.

The "Wired Artist" incorporates Jade, Lapis, Rhodocrosite, Rhodonite, Malachite, Natural Quartz crystals, Smokey quartz crystals, Amethyst crystals, Variscite, Opal, Petrified Wood and Phantom Quartz, as well as other materials that become available, is his Art Work.

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